Hello! Diz me, Fido! <br>5 devices that will make your pets call you at work

Hello! Diz me, Fido!
5 devices that will make your pets call you at work

If you consider yourself a tech lover and on top of that you own a pet, you will be more than happy to know that nowadays there are amazing tools that can help you stay in touch with your beloved furry (or fishy) friends while you’re at work.

Having a pet is not an easy task, you have to compromise to take care of it in the best possible way – and yes, I am also referring to tasks like cleaning poops or throwing a stick 100 times in less than 5 minutes. But in this world of constant changes and incredible technological advances, some businesses have come up with excellent product ideas that involve both: technology and pets. And believe it or not, they make a good combination. From cameras to control them, to machines that throw balls, the selection of devices made exclusively for pets and their owners keeps growing every day.


Moai is a very creative device with the main purpose of making aquariums connected and clean (or, in other words: to bring less worry and more fun to aquarium hobbyists worldwide). Moai gives you a robot (controlled and monitored remotely from your phone or tablet device via an app) that allows you to explore your fish tank with 24/7 live streamings from anywhere at any time, schedule cleaning sessions and even bookmark your favourite positions and return to them whenever wanted! Definitely a very useful device full of advantages not only for you but for your lovely fish! And hey! From now on you will always know where the heck is Nemo!

2. PetChatz

Okay now imagine this situation: You are at work and suddenly you receive a call. It’s your dog Fido. Or your cat Tiddles – depends on your preference.
PetChatz is the tool that brings this idea to reality. It is built out of:
a videophone which can be placed on the wall,
– and a button (called PawCall button) which needs to be placed on the floor (so your four-legged family members could press it).

With this tool you can stay in touch with your pet, have two-way video chats, dispense treats and even give scents/aromatherapy from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or computer. If you want to have a chat with Fido during your lunch breaks, simply schedule call times in the PetChatz web app. When the right time will come, the paw-shaped light on the PawCall button will blink and Fido should press it to initiate the chat. However, first you need to spend some time with your dog and this peculiar telephone and train your beast to use it properly. But just think how rewarding this process can be. Later on, every time Fido or Scruffy would like to call you – they just need to press the button and then depending on your settings, you can either receive a text or an email with the info that your pet wants to chat. I can’t think of a better idea to check up on each other!


3. Litter Robot

While having a cat (or a whole cat gang) can be a nice and fluffy project, cleaning their litter box is probably not your favourite activity. Luckily there are devices like Litter Robot that can help you save time and most importantly, money! This tool is an automatic self-cleaning litter box with a sifting system that separates waste from a clean litter. Some of its features also include a night light to help your sleepy cats make their way to the bathroom and indicators that will let you know when there’s a need to empty the waste drawer. Litter robot looks almost like a space capsule for your cats but don’t worry, they will just go to the toilet and will be over the moon about the results of this visit.

(Do you know btw that cats managed to visit a space already? The first one was probably Félicette. She was one of 14 cats selected by the French space program for the spaceflight training. Her participation in this project was certainly not voluntary, but it was a huge milestone for France, which had just established the world’s third civilian space agency (after the U.S. and the Soviet Union).

4. Tractive GPS


Tractive GPS is a device which allows you to check the real-time position of your pet via a collar-mounted GPS tracker. This app will display the real-time location of your furry friend when it matters the most. In LIVE Tracking mode, the location will be updated every 2-3 seconds and it will even inform you immediately if your dog or cat leaves a pre-defined safe area. Moreover, the tracker battery life is between two and five days, it’s completely waterproof and has a light on it to make the finding of your pet even easier! Its weight is 35g so it’s recommended for pets that weight 4.5kg or more (so not for hamsters – even though those little chaps can be really hard to track). If you buy it you will be prompted to choose one of the two plans that the website offers: the Basic one or the Premium (with Premium you can access the information from different devices and it has worldwide coverage among other things – click here to check the differences between plans). So if you want to strengthen this special bond with your pet by always knowing the exact location of your furry friends, directly on your smartphone – you can do it with Tractive.

5. Feed and Go 

Feed and Go is a smart and automatic pet feeder that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via the Feed and Go app which can be downloaded to either a computer, tablet or a smartphone. What is interesting about this feeder is that it has a webcam so owners can see their pets and also schedule meals and even record a 6-second voice message that can be played during the meal time. It has 6 compartments each one up to an 8oz cup size, and you can put wet or dry food in them. It is the perfect device to make sure your pets eat when they need to!

Please, let us know if you test any of those. Or if you find an app that would allow our pets to feed us while we’re in the office!

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