Revolution from evolution

Grypp is born of 30 years’ experience

The best kind of revolution is years in the making. Change may appear overnight but the bedrock on which it is built, takes years of experience, dedication and development.

Grypp Corp evolved out of the multi ARDA award-winning Generator Systems.

Drawing on over 30-years combined experience in, sales, film making and software development, Grypp Corp has combined its rich knowledge base and that of its extensive customer base, into the revolution that is Grypp.

A collaboration between the finest sales consultants, creative thinkers and digital engineers, with experience in sales psychology, buyer behaviour, digital technology and media production.

Grypp will change the way you present your products, services and ideas forever.

  • 1999
    The beginning

    Generator was created

    From 12 years of market experience by Steve Pentland and Pete Jones

  • 2002
    The Presenter was born

    The first ever interactive sales system

    Generator created the first ever interactive sales system for vacation ownership
    and changed the face of the industry

  • $ 5
    billion success

    Over $5 billion

    It is estimated over $5 billion in sales have been generated using
    Generator’s Presenter

  • 35

    Used in 35 countries

    That’s global!

  • 43

    43 languages

    Translated with films and media into 43 languages

  • We won!


    2007 ARDA ACE Award for Innovation

    2008 OTE Golden Palm awards for Innovation and Change Management

    1996 (2), 1998, 1999 (3), 2001, 2002 (3), 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010 (2),
    2014 ARDA Gold Award Winners for film, production and interactive media

  • More sales


    Over 20% increases seen in sales

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