Business in the box. <br> 6 examples of boxed wonders for your inspiration.

Business in the box.
6 examples of boxed wonders for your inspiration.

If you consider yourself an online shopaholic then you’re probably aware of one of the most popular trends running on the internet right now: Monthly Subscription Boxes.

Wikipedia describes them as “a recurring delivery of niche products” and these new types of business are growing at an unbelievable speed. Born as a marketing strategy and as a method for product distribution, subscription boxes have proved they are an incredibly effective tool when it comes to brand awareness and to showcase packaging design. You can find all sorts of subscription boxes: either for pets, sports, food, literature, beauty, lifestyle, etc. There is one for every taste and for every need (and here’s the secret: the more original and quirky, the better).

Having done some digging, today I am delighted to bring you 6 different, unique and original subscription boxes that hopefully will inspire you and will whet your appetite for more!


1. Le Tote

Le Tote is a fashion rental service in which members can borrow clothing and accessories until they are ready for a change. So basically, you keep the items as long as you want and then return your “tote” to get another one! In order to get clothes that complement your style, you will have to answer some questions via their website, which in fact, makes the whole process quite customizable. Their subscription plans include: 3 garments and 2 accessories for $59/month, 4 garments for $69/month or 3 garments + 2 accessories for $79/month.
P.S. Sadly Le Tote is only available in the US but we really believe it’s a very interesting and original to unbox your style and keep your wardrobe on trend.

2. Fuego Box

Do you want to add some extra spice to your life? If so, you should try Fuego Box, a monthly hot sauce subscription box in which you get 3 artisan-made hot sauces that probably you have never tasted or heard of before! The price is $29.95/month for three full-size bottles + shipping (free if you live in the US). Definitely, the ideal subscription box for those passionate about hot salsa!

3. Designer Box

Are you a big fan of decoration and interior design? Then, this is the perfect subscription box for you. With Designer Box each month you will receive a decorative design object not found anywhere else and designed exclusively by an international design star! Its price starts from 19.90€/month + 2.90€ shipping and they have 3 different subscription plans. It is perfect for those who love best European craftsmanship and appreciate 100% sustainable materials and a uniqueness!

4. Tokyo Treat

If you love trying all sorts of different foods from different places around the world and are willing to taste new flavours, Tokyo Treat is one of the many subscription boxes on the Internet that will take on a delicious adventure. From candy DIY kits to ultra-hot Japanese candy, every month you will receive a mystery box full of premium, full-sized candies and snacks from Japan! You can choose between the premium ($31.5/month) and the classic box ($22.5/month) and the shipping is free!

5. Pink Parcel

Calling all women! This subscription box is especially made for us, as it brings together both femcare and pampering in order to make our periods fuss-free. It is highly customizable, as you can personalise your period product preferences, delivery date and the number of products you want to receive every month. Moreover, you not only receive period essentials, you also get treats such as beauty products or snacks! Its price starts from £12.99/month but they also offer a 3-month plan, 6-month plan and 12-month plan. Oh, and the shipping is free! 

6. Hubble

Last but not least I want to introduce you to Hubble, a brand new subscription box which the main purpose is to provide high-quality disposable lenses at a reasonable price. Every month you will receive 60 lenses delivered to your door for only £24 +£3 shipping. And best of all? The first box is free! (you will have to pay £3 postage though).


We can’t wait to see what kind of subscription boxes will emerge in the future!

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