Get your business Grypping to ExCel

Get your business Grypping to ExCel

How do you talk to your customers, prospects and market?



You probably have a website with lots of information, lovely visuals, videos and copy. But your visitors are left alone amongst all this info to get lost, confused and give up.


You might have a live chat agent, either real or robotic (beep, beep), to help out. Useful, but typing at chatbots can be like talking to your cat – feels good but not always fully understood.


So, what about the phone? That works right? It’s instant & neither you nor your customers need to leave your seats. But you can’t show them anything?


So perhaps you could try video conferencing. Now you can see each other, build trust and relationships and you can even share your screen and show your guests your wares. But they can do nothing; they’re passive and have to sit and be shown. They can’t engage, interact or really join in.


How about a meeting? Take all your collateral with you and go visit them. Now you’re talking. And seeing and interacting too! But that’s expensive, takes time and invades your customer’s space.

Now imagine there was a way to get this level of interaction without leaving your seat. A way to take all these ordinary ways of talking to your market and put them all into one, extraordinary place and all you needed to do this was a regular computer or mobile device. Now you could see, hear, interact, immerse, show, tell, do, sell and excel.


There is. It’s called Augmented Calling and you can see it at booth 420 at The Business Show in London’s ExCeL Centre on 16th & 17th of May.

Get your free ticket here and come and see how Grypp can help you make your sales and service excel.

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