Influencer marketing is the new black

Influencer marketing is the new black

They rule people mind’s and hearts. Often capricious young and beautiful. Influencers – the new kings and queens of the Internet.

Followers are their strength. Their audience and the first group that takes over the trend. It is not a large group, but it is crucial. The relationship of authors, followers and observers is portrayed by the 1-9-90 model. The latter (90%) are passive recipients, but they are the target; the majority that will create the sales effects.

Loved by many and hated by few, influencers can be used in different ways when it comes to social media marketing campaigns. That is why today I am going to show you 5 brands who have used different marketing strategies alongside with influencers to create successful campaigns!

One soap to change it all

In 1890 the soap producer Pear’s Soap used the recommendation of well-known actress Lillie Langtry. Soap advertising posters were stamped with her effigy and her handwritten signature under the declaration “Since using Pear’s Soap for the hands and complexion I have discarded all others”. This is probably the first known use of endorsement in advertising. Since then, celebrities have been willingly used in various campaigns, and many of these projects have produced  great sales effects.

Lillie Langtry, Pear’s Soap enthusiast

Your client is not an idiot. He is your boyfriend!

Back in the last century. Somewhere around 1950, Bill Bernbach started an advertising agency in New York. This agency, nowadays known as DDB, is one of the well-known giants of the industry.  His attitude was pretty radical back then, namely, he was strongly convinced that clients are not idiots; that you don’t have to fool or deceive them.  They WILL listen to you under one condition:

“The truth isn’t the truth until people believe you, and they can’t believe you if they don’t know what you’re saying, and they can’t know what you’re saying if they don’t listen to you, and they won’t listen to you if you’re not interesting, and you won’t be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly.”

So let’s assume that you are interesting, imaginative, original and fresh. Hell! Maybe you’re even good looking? My-oh-my how do I want to follow you!

Who are you mister influencer?

A well-known athlete may have an influence on his fans, a writer on readers, Youtuber on viewers, a classmate on peers at school and on the internet, and uncle Percy on his family members. Under certain conditions, each of us is an influencer: by sharing our experiences, we enrich the lives of other people who can benefit from our experiences and develop their own opinions. This has an impact on brands and products because talking about vicissitudes of our relationship with a vacuum cleaner, impressions after buying a pigeon costume from China, computer repairs, problems with a purchase of faulty hamster or an amazing new cosmetic made out of snails, we influence the purchasing decisions made by our interlocutors. However, if you would like to succeed don’t rely on Uncle Percy. Or rather rely on a fair amount of Percies, especially those that are imaginative and good looking!

Let’s have a look at a couple of examples in details:



1. NYX Cosmetics

Nyx Cosmetics has grown massively thanks to unpaid social media influencer engagement. Their technique? Every month they send influencers new products to try, hoping that they will produce quality content about the products on different social media platforms, detailing what they like or what are the application techniques.

Moreover, every year the brand organizes the “FACE (Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites) Awards”. The event has the purpose of shedding a light on the aspiring beauty vloggers. The FACE Awards are celebrated in a variety of countries.  If you would like to participate, here’s what you need to do:

  • First, you need to create a Youtube channel (in case you don’t have one) to upload all the entries.
  • After that, you will have to create the entry video in order to participate. In this video, you need to create a short story showcasing your make up abilities and attaching a makeup tutorial of how you have achieved the finished look.
  • If you are chosen as one the top 30, you will receive a huge parcel full of NYX products and other goodies from their partners. A mandatory requirement is to create an unboxing video of the products every time you receive one of those parcels.

1st challenge: For every challenge, there’s a theme chosen by NYX. Once the theme is announced you will have to be as creative as possible in order to create a theme related story.

  • Top 20: 10 contestants will be eliminated and the Top 20 will receive another parcel.

2nd challenge

  • Top 10: 10 more contestants will be eliminated, the top 10 will receive a third parcel.

3rd challenge

  • Top 6: 4 contestants will be eliminated, the top 6 will receive the fourth and last parcel.
  • Final challenge
  • Annual FACE Awards Live Event – the winner will be announced (prizes include: £10 000 and attendance to the LA NYX professional makeup awards).

2. BoxedWater Retree Project

The Retree Project is a project created by BoxedWater – a company that sells water in sustainable packaging. They partnered with the National Forest Foundation and promised to plant two new trees for every Instagram photo posted with the hashtag #Retree. Well-known personalities like Alyssa Milano joined the cause and shared the campaign across social media in order to help spread the word and draw attention to the cause.

BoxedWater is an example of how a genuine and personal involvement of the influencers kick the butt of the paid-for sponsorship. Definitely, a more organic and honest way to reach people around the world!

3. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a watch brand that uses mainly influencers from different niches, mainly fashion and lifestyle. The brand pays celebrities for sponsored posts and gives watches to influencers with a lesser amount of followers asking them to post photos of themselves wearing the watch, accompanied by a unique money-off code for their followers.

DW uses beautiful images of minimalistic jewelry to promote not only their products but a lifestyle. By employing plenty of fashion and lifestyle influencers they ensure a maximum reach to audiences who most probably will show interest in the brand. If you search #danielwellington on Instagram, there are more than 1.3m posts with the hashtag and their official Instagram account surpasses 4m followers.

4. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a meal subscription box that delivers pre-portioned ingredients for customers to cook. They have been working with influencers for a few years now,  to promote their service. From food bloggers to social media influencers, they started in 2015 partnering with popular bloggers like Love Taza. Through the years they have been changing their marketing strategy and adapting to the trends.

An example of a Youtube channel that partners with Blue Apron is Gentle Whispering ASMR, an ASMR channel with more than 1.2m subscribers. Apparently, you can mix sponsorship with a relaxation!

5. Adidas

Some years ago Adidas launched an influencer-driven social media campaign on Instagram focused on young people. They wanted users to boost engagement and generate content in order to increase their sales. To achieve that, the brand partnered with Selena Gomez and other popular influencers and kick-started a contest called #MyNeoShoot in which Adidas encouraged fans to share their own photos with #MyNeoShoot hashtag, in order to become one of the six models for the campaign.

Adidas received more than 12,000 entries and the hashtag was mentioned around 71,000 times.

Clearly, the use of influencers is becoming second nature to brands as those are including them in the majority of social media marketing strategies! So don’t waste any more time. Find your own army of Uncle Percies and spread the word using the mouth of Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Average Potato Eaters and all those beautiful people of the Instagram.

Good Night, and Good Luck!

research: Laura Pinilla

bits, roberts and cheesy jokes: Ewa Starzyk

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